sElectorial System - This is how it works

1. @RetekG puts all of the entries into a dropbox library on every Saturday till 14:00 gmt.

2. The Electors will recieve the shared link of the dropbox lib and after Taking a serious Look of the entries They send that pictures Are Not Good Enough to be a Winner or a Category Best to @RetekG.

3. All Electors must do the selection on his/her own.

4. The Electors MUST do the selection until Sunday 9:00 gmt!

5. @RetekG will remove those pictures from the dropbox lib What was named "not good enough" by any of the Electors, If @RetekG agree.

6. The pre-selected pictures will be told to the members to vote from them as They do usually, Until Sanduay 16:00 gmt.

The Electors